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Key concepts
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Workli helps you fine-tune your deep work habits by changing the way you manage projects and teams.

What Is Deep Work ?

Lets start with the basics, deep work is defined1 as:

Professional activities performed in a state of distraction-free concentration that push your cognitive capabilities to their limit. These efforts create new value, improve your skill, and are hard to replicate

Deep work is an ability that requires both practice and the right tools to develop it. However, once you achieve deep work mastery, your productivity (and quality of life) is greatly enhanced.

Why Choose Workli ?

Because Workli is the only project and team management tool in the market that integrates personalised one-to-one coaching to help you achieve and sustain deep work.

Workli manages for you who does what and when in your projects so you can focus on the aspects of your work that deliver true value.

Our tried and tested personalised coaching process helps you improve your deep work habits and obtain maximum benefit from Workli.

How Does It Work ?

Let us see an example (or jump directly to core concepts)

The Project: Mary has to deliver a bunch of papers (“The Project”) by a deadline.

Mary has to deliver a project

Several Cooks in the Kitchen: She needs input and contributions from Joe, Jill and Ben.

Mary's project depends on the input of many collaborators

Very Busy Mary: The problem is that Mary participates of many such projects and it all gets too complicated and full of distractions.

Mary participates on many such projects

The Workli Way: To simplify collaborations management, Workli streamlines your projects by setting a temporal and spatial order for “chunks” of deep work. In this way, you and your collaborators know exactly when is your turn to work and how much time you each have. Crucially, all project-related information is available all in one place and only when needed. Thus, you don’t get distracted with other projects data if it is not your time to work on them.

The Workli Way

Mary Is Not Alone: Distinctively, by a combination of personalised, one-to-one, video coaching sessions and Workli’s deep work cards we accompany Mary in her journey towards more meaningful and productive deep work habits.

  1. Deep Work - Rule For Focused Success In A Distracted World by C. Newport (2016)