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How does workli's coaching works?
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When you subscribe to one of Workli’s paid tiers you get a project and team app that has one-to-one deep work coaching sessions built-in

At Workli we are passionate about deep work and because deep work is a mindset that requires effort and dedication to master, we have an integrated one-to-one coaching programme to guide you in your journey to a more meaningful way of working. The deep work training we provide has an automated component via Workli’s deep work coaching cards and a personalised service in the form of one-to-one coaching.

Workli’s Deep Work Coaching Cards

All Workli tiers have access to 5 Workli deep work coaching cards (see the image below)

Workli's deep work coaching cards

These deep work cards, are designed to target specific areas of reflection needed to improve deep work habits.

You can use these cards on your own or as part of the one-to-one coaching we provide with each subscription.

Workli’s Deep Work Personalised Coaching

Subscribers to any of the paid tiers steam , diesel or electric , have also access to personalised and on-demand, one-to-one, video based coaching. Depending on the tier a user is on, the number of coaching sessions within a 12 months period will vary. Subscribers to these tiers can book coaching sessions as indicated in the figure below:

Workli's deep work coaching sessions

No two persons are the same and thus we believe strongly on using our tried and test coaching approach in a flexible way that meets each of our users needs.