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How do I edit my station details?
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You can edit and update your station’s details at any time.

Editing the station details

From the station dashboard

Station dashboard

click the edit button , this will take you to the station information screen.

Editing station details

What can I update?

In this screen you can see a summary of your station’s details including:

Below the summary you can update the name, motto and change the photo or logo for your station. You can also change the holidays status for your station and check the details of the terms of services you have accepted (e.g. acceptable use, privacy policy, etc)

How can I change my email or password?

If you click the Modify button at the bottom and left of your screen you enter the “danger zone” where important changes to the user account itself can be made. From there you can edit user name, email and password. You can also delete your account if so so wish (this action is irreversible).

You can find more details in the How do I edit my account information? article.