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What kind of support can one expect?
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We pride ourself on providing excellent customer support across our tiers and services.

Multiple ways to get help

Once you login to your account you can access support in various ways as displayed in the screenshot below. At the top-right (1) of the screen you will see a “Support” button. When you click it it will give you a number of options for getting the support you need. You will be able to obtain a list of dedicated emails to deal with things like technical help, report bugs, suggest features, consult about your subscription, etc. You will also be able to book video chats with us where we you will be able to show us your issues and we will guide you on how to best resolve them.


In addition to this, you can always resort to the chat tool on the bottom-right of the screen (2). If you click it, a dialogue box will appear and you will be able to chat with us about your queries so we can help you.

Ultimately, the buck stops with the CEO, so once you login, you will be able to find Nat’s email so you can reach him directly.