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How does it all work?
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How does it all work?

When you subscribe to Workli, we will set up a personalised, one-to-one, deep work coaching programme to help you improve your productivity. You will use Workli’s coaching cards and the app to keep track of your personal journey into deep work.

At the same time, once you start running your projects and teams with Workli, it will allow you to establish, in a clear and concise manner, the flow of documents -from collaborator to collaborator- within projects. Documents can be anything, e.g., word files, spreadsheets, images, videos, soundtracks, design documents, presentation slides, contracts, sketches, lectures, reports, etc.

Workli will ensure that your project’s contents “visit” each team member in a set order and stay with them for a set amount of time. In this way, it gives everybody in the project a defined time window to do deep work on the project. After the allocated time expires, the documents automatically move to the next collaborator and the cycle repeats itself.

In this way, you and collaborators can concentrate on the aspects of your work that create value rather than spending mental energy (a) agonising over questions such as who has which document? who was the last one to edit them? who will work next on them? etc and (b) being permanently distracted with app generated notifications (e.g. mentions, messages, chats, etc).

Hence, by keeping your projects rolling and by coaching you on the art of deep work, Workli gives you headroom to think and be creative and it takes your productivity to the next level.